60 Second Film:The Film Struggle


This film is about a student trying to figure out what to do for a film. He goes through different ideas about a film but he couldn’t think of any. Until he figures out that he could do a film about the Struggle about a film. My goal of this film is to give people an idea of what some of the students went through when doing this 60-second film.


What were some things that didn’t make

What were some things that I could do better?

Is there anything that I could make more sense?


The intention of my film is to give understanding to people about how some of the people felt doing this 60-second film.



The logline of this film is a student trying to figure out what to make a film about. He goes through different ideas but ultimately ends up figuring out that he could make a film about the struggle of making a film.


There will be dialog, there will be different camera angles, and there will be a different sound


“I can’t think of anything. I mean that idea is good but it would take too long. That would be nice but it’s too complex. And that idea would be awesome but I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself. Hmmm. Wait a minute, that could work. I got it and I already know the name, The film Struggle.”

Storyboard/Shot list

Have to have the camera in front of showing the face head-on, then pan the camera to the side of the face then pan back to the face



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